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The core of an ECN network is to provide a transparent and efficient trading platform, chiefly characterized by Direct Market Access. This allows traders to transact directly with other market participants, bypassing traditional intermediaries. This setup enhances market transparency by showing true market depth and real-time quotes, while also reducing trading costs, especially the spreads. Moreover, the anonymity of the ECN system protects trader privacy and minimizes market impact, thereby increasing fairness for all market participants.

Optimized for Markets
Aligned with Your Goals

Our priority is to execute your trading strategy as efficiently and effectively as possible.Part of this responsibility is to be transparent about what we do and how we evaluate what we do.The other part is to work to maximise the quality of execution at every step of the way. Whether you trade through our dealing desk, access our suite of algorithms, or connect to the markets through our low-latency infrastructure, you can count on us to maintain these high standards.

High-Touch Trading

We fully understand the paramount importance of liquidity for market makers when implementing trading strategies. Our goal is to enhance your trading depth while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

We facilitate Marketing Markers in accessing liquidity from hundreds of exchanges and trading venues globally, encompassing all MSCI developed, emerging, and the majority of frontier markets. This includes collaboration with all major electronic liquidity providers, multilateral trading facilities, and proprietary liquidity pools.


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Full-service trading desks

Here are some of the popular markets accessible through MetaTrader 5. Services in these markets provided seamlessly via WiseTech ECN solution.




Securities Options


Futures Options

Fixed Income

Spot Currencies & Spot Gold


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Hong Kong



Sales trading

WiseTech has extensive institutional community resources to help you find institutions where you can execute stock, options and futures trading orders and find liquidity within WiseTech's extensive institutional community. We have one goal in mind: to meet your most demanding execution goals day in and day out.

WiseTech’s Latency Sensitive Trading solution offers a competitive edge to high-frequency and algorithmic traders by significantly reducing trade latency through advanced technology and optimized network architecture, ensuring fast and reliable trade execution.

Speed and Precision

Latency Sensitive Trading

WiseTech‘s ECN solution suite of latency-aware solutions provides a bundled product for Broker and Liquidity Provider, incorporating colocate-based, ultra-low latency direct market access, raw and normalized market data, and value-added hosting services globally.

Market Access

Hosting and Networking

WiseTech's Low Latency Connect Solution provides clients with collocated virtual and dedicated servers, ensuring ultra-low latency connectivity. Catering to a diverse range of clients including proprietary trading firms, investment banks, hedge funds, and individual algorithmic traders, we offer access to key trading venues and networks from strategic locations like Equinix LD4 (UK) and Equinix NY4 (US) data centers. Situated in close proximity to major liquidity providers, exchanges, and interbank dealing servers, our setup is designed to minimize distance latency, optimizing trading efficiency and performance.

Our High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Virtual and Dedicated Servers are specifically tailored for latency-sensitive strategies, providing an ultra-fast environment essential for today’s algorithmic trading. Designed without compromise, these servers cater to the needs of traders who prioritize speed and reliability. Clients choose WiseTech for our straightforward technical solutions and our ultra-low latency capabilities. These servers are seamlessly integrated into our proprietary HFT network, boasting a remarkable routing latency of less than 300 nanoseconds, ensuring superior performance and efficiency in the fast-paced trading world

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