The platform offers robust data processing and high-frequency trading capabilities for futures, focusing on managing extensive trades and complex risks for enterprise clients. This is achieved through high-performance computing and advanced algorithms, overcoming challenges in data accuracy and handling.


Tailored for enterprise-level trading, the platform supports customized strategies, complex pricing models, and hedging techniques. It integrates advanced mathematical models and market analysis tools to address the options market's uncertainties and complexities effectively.

Forex Spot

Designed for large-scale and high-frequency forex trading, this platform prioritizes rapid execution and system stability. Enhancements in trading speed and system reliability are achieved by optimizing network infrastructure and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, catering to enterprise-level requirements.


This solution offers high customizability and scalability for securities trading, accommodating multiple asset classes and complex portfolio management. Challenges in data integration and security are met with robust data management systems and comprehensive security measures.

Platform innovatively develops currency and commodity trading tools, drawing inspiration from the high concurrency performance seen in game design. It is specifically engineered to handle high-volume transactions and execute orders at an extremely rapid pace, ensuring that traders can respond instantly to market fluctuations. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, it grants brokers unprecedented control, facilitating a fully structured real-time bidding process.

At its core lies an advanced trading mechanism that employs vector algorithms to analyze current market data and predict future trends, offering traders a competitive edge. The application is optimized for low latency, which is crucial in maintaining competitiveness in rapidly changing trading scenarios. Additionally, it is equipped with comprehensive reporting tools and features, enabling brokers to thoroughly monitor their financial health and make informed decisions. This platform is not just a trading tool; it’s a strategic asset for brokers looking to optimize their market performance.

Reactive and low latency application

The historical data graph shows the most recent data changes for the asset you have chosen. The current price is always in the screen’s center and updated every 0,4 msec. So as soon as the price is renewed on the market, you can immediately see it.

Thanks to the integration with the price provider, we receive quotes from up to 50 assets. All the above is possible due to the Bigdata storage, which on the one hand, it’s all about large amounts of data; on the other hand, it is also almost always about running analytics on those large data sets.

Trading mechanism

The real-time bidding process is fully organized within our financial trading software and every transaction is carried out at a speed of 0.1 ms. To do this, we use the reactive framework and are working on web sockets that allow us to quickly and securely share data between the server and the front end.

We analyze existing data and make forecasts based on the vector algorithm. It allows us to take a bet to check if the bet was played and whether the client has received the money.


Technologies We Use

As an experienced software development company, we only use up-to-date technologies to deliver the best trading solutions. At WiseTech, we strive to overcome your expectations constantly, so our specialists in automated trading software development continuously improve their skills, and so does the whole company.


Technology Trends in Trading Platform Development


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