Trading platform development services

Between high-speed algorithms, resilient infrastructures, and dashboards that save time, our custom trading platform development services are primed to increase your revenue.

Trading software development

Here’s what to expect: data-based insights and strategic guidance, cutting-edge technologies, and robust security standards. We infuse those qualities into every solution we build, regardless of complexity, timeline, or budget. Rest assured that no matter your needs, we have the expertise to engage with custom trading app development to create solutions that are integrated with your business goals.

Consulting and advisory services

Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to analyze your specific needs, market trends, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that your trading platform is not just a product but a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Custom trading platform development

Whether it's algorithmic trading, risk management, or data analytics, we excel in building platforms that are not only feature-rich but also agile, scalable, and as dynamic as the fintech industry itself.

QA and Testing

Nothing can derail an otherwise sound solution like a bug. Our experts are trained to hone in on what’s not working and fix it — before it wreaks havoc. No matter if you need support identifying issues in your own software or in mobile products or games, we’re on it.

Trading app development

Through user-friendly interfaces and real-time data feeds, our developers ensure that your app is secure and optimized for peak performance on both web and mobile, empowering your clients to make seamless trades, anytime, anywhere.

Integration services

Easily adapt your trading platform to changing market conditions and regulatory requirements. We relish creating API-driven architectures, payment systems, analytical tools (including AI and machine learning-powered ones) that facilitate smooth data flow and interoperability.

Cybersecurity audit testing services

Our rigorous testing procedures identify vulnerabilities and ensure your platform meets the highest industry standards for security and compliance. That includes thorough risk assessments and stress tests to guarantee that your trading platform remains resilient against cyber threats and data breaches.

Our financial software development services

As a fintech software development company, we know that outstanding performance is the name of the game. We create scalable, stable solutions that address both technological and business challenges.

Staff augmentation

WiseTech’s dedicated teams have one goal: Getting it done. Our engineers are deadline-oriented and work in sync with your business.

Custom solutions

Share your requirements with our team and we’ll take it from there. Vention’s custom fintech software development spans every stage of the app lifecycle, from strategizing to UI/UX design to deployment.

Fintech consulting

Our consulting practice is driven by data and strategy aligned with your goals. We’ll recommend financial software that meets the complex needs of banking and trading.

MetaTrade4/5 integration

Our financial software development is built to adapt. We offer API and system integration services that allow you to integrate and manage multiple third-party solutions at once. The result? New customers and accelerated growth.

Quality-driven custom software development

Every company aspires to be an industry game-changer. Our job is to deliver custom software that gets you there, complete with full visibility into our process.


Discovery & Analysis

You can’t brainstorm, much less build, a great solution without first investing in discovery and analysis. Our team burrows into your existing infrastructure to uncover strengths and weaknesses so time isn’t wasted during the design and build phases.


UX & UI Design

At its core, UX and UI design should be elegant, intuitive, and frictionless. With a diverse portfolio of successful design projects to our name, we know how to build solutions that are stylish and aesthetically pleasing — and that help you meet your business goals.



Speed + stability + scale. All three factors are at play with every development project we take on; we always incorporate the most appropriate and reliable technology.


Feedback and Testing​

At Vention, the feedback and testing process is transparent. With regular status meetings and routine check-ins by video, email, and chat, we take your ongoing feedback into account every step of the way.



Software release isn’t a single moment; it’s a process. As you roll out what we’ve built, we make sure that the solution works in sync with your existing systems and processes.



Many custom software developers take the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” approach to their work: They land the contract, do the work, and then move on. But with Vention, the developers who build your software stay on active standby after its release to optimize and iterate, so the solution grows with you.

Why rely on WiseTech?

Handpicked talent

Our developers are vetted twice: First when we hire them, tapping only the best and brightest, and then a second time when we look within our ranks for just the right team members for your project.

Proven process

On time. On budget. At scale. We stick to a rigorous methodology that ensures that we meet our deadlines and yours. That often means a 30% faster time to market.

Impeccable delivery

Code inspections are built into our process. We’re keenly aware of the risk and expense associated with technical debt — and we know how to ensure that quality isn’t compromised by speed.

Rock-solid partnerships

Our partners include tech giants like AWS, Google Cloud, and Salesforce, which means that our clients benefit from a network of rich industry expertise.

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