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WiseTech’s Risk Management solution offers a well-rounded collection of tools designed to bring unified and comprehensive outcomes throughout your organization. With the support of our esteemed pricing model library, alongside market data and margin cash flow capabilities, this solution provides those in front office, risk, and market maker roles the ability to examine their portfolios, address and lessen their risks, and prepare for various outcomes with a modest approach.

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The WiseTech Risk Management Valuations solution is an all-encompassing enterprise tool offering reliable and thorough valuations and Greeks for diverse portfolios. It features extensive asset class coverage, capturing a wide array of financial instruments ranging from cash products to both exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives, as well as structured products. The valuations are underpinned by a superior pricing library and top-tier market data.

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Front office risk

Wise Tech Front Office offers a comprehensive suite of risk analytics to achieve consistency between risk and the front office. With an advanced multi-scenario experience and technology underpinning and streamlined workflow solutions, Wise Tech Front Office gives you everything you need to adapt to changing market requirements and thrive in a challenging business environment.

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Market risk

In the intricate and interconnected landscape of today’s markets, roles on both the Client Side and Server Side require a robust tool for monitoring, evaluating, and managing risk at both intraday and day’s end. Wise Tech Market Risk offers a comprehensive risk analytics and reporting tool tailored for every level of risk management, from the chief risk officer down to the risk analyst.

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Credit Risk

WiseTech’s Risk Management for Credit Risk seeks to provide clients with consistent, comparable portfolio analytics to evaluate, monitor and assist in managing the credit risk of financial and corporate counterparties. It works with the Bloomberg portfolio management framework to provide an automated solution to monitor counterparties and enable comparative analytics. Analytics are available via user interface or via tech integration.

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